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RELX plc (pronounced "Rel-ex") is a British corporate group comprising companies that publish scientific, technical and medical material, and legal textbooks; provide decision-making tools; and organise exhibitions. It operates in 40 countries and serves customers in over 180 nations. It was previously known as Reed Elsevier, and came into being in 1992 as a result of the merger of Reed International, a British trade book and magazine publisher, and Elsevier, a Netherlands-based scientific publisher.

A former employee said in a review: "As an employee in RELX, you are treated very badly and the salary does not correspond to the tasks assigned. Another negative point is that you are hired via outsourcing so that you are freed from legal obligations to the worker".


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Lead Quality Assurance Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The work environment is not that great. I was hoping for better and more friendly environment. Too much office politics and Not that great management team. Some of the managers are super nice but majority are not"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Senior management in the USA and Europe don't care about Brazil. They spend their time in markets they know. Organization is understaffed, lack of resources, people have to work long hours. Very toxic environment.opportunity to learn about the publishing segmenttons of processes, lack of vision, too much meetings, no results"

Vice President of Product Management (Former Employee) says

"When I started at Elsevier Clinical Solutions leadership was looking to innovate, however that leadership was soon replaced with in-house (and under-qualified) individuals who steered the company back toward it traditional publishing roots."

Help Desk Tier II (Former Employee) says

"Was contracted to Tier II Help Desk by Modis. Modis lied about the position. It is not IT. The Help Desk job is customer service. You are micromanaged to death and harassed if you aren't constantly staring at a 9 in laptop screen for 8 hours. The work environment can be stressful because it is very unorganized. When you ask for assistance expect to be given incorrect answers on purpose while being sent on 15 hour expedition to find the correct answer. Modis contracts you for 6 months then lets you go 2 months into the contract. The managers lie to your face and tell you there is job security when there is none. If you have not been there for a year or more you will be fired eventually. The environment can be very negative. You would be better off pushing carts at the local Wal-Mart. They have a nice cafeteria but they will overcharge you. They hide the help desk contractors downstairs and you are not allowed to go upstairs with the real Elsevier employees. They offer free coffee and food. That is the only good thing. Beware. Contractors that have not been there a year or longer are treated like coffee, a very nice waterfall, some very good peopledirty restrooms, rude people, micromanagement, uncomfortable chairs"

Email Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very Disorganized No Attention to Employees. Hiring freeze only allows contractors through expensive hourly recruiting without benefits at very low rates. This is not a health company, not for the employees. A very stressful and disorganized place without upper management caring.NoneVery low hourly wages"

sales manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor leadership made this a toxic place to work. Great people but poor leadership. Career advancement is limited. Bottom line is this organization needs to find a new CEO who cares about the business."

Assistente de Informática (Help Desk) says

"Executava as tarefas solicitadas desde instalação de novos micros a suporte a usuários. Instalar e configurar novos sistemas operacionais. Sempre dando apoio. Unidos. Restaurar sistemas corrompidos. O dia normal de trabalho."

Senior Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"No advancement opportunities with idiotic management. Would rather spend money hiring outside consultants rather than empowering their own employees."

E-Care Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"They sourced our department out to India. They even sent our employees over to India to show them how to do our job. They would push a lot of work n the temps.FT jobboring low pay"

Internship (Former Employee) says

"An online internship program I did for my school. This was done as a online internship for my medical coding program"

C# 4.0,Asp.Net 4.0,MVC,AJAX Web Developer (Former Employee) says

"This company had given me Global world opportunity to work with like travelling to UK oxford and working there almost 1 year and totally I served around 4 yrs in the Elsevier."

Strategic Industry Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The bottom line is paramount . Employees are dispensed to "save" money. Very little investment in technology. Very little internal development for long term employees, but always willing to spend big bucks on outside, high priced consultants.Too mich focus on margins"

designer (Former Employee) says

"Very strange work environment. No privacy. Management is just dreadful. Would not recommend this place to my worst enemies. Best part of the day was 4pm. Worst part of the day was coming in and trying to get work done while people talked about their personal lives right next to your workspace. They told me that they like to retain their employees with talent, but they did the exact opposite.No prosmanagement"

POD Inventory Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The Human Resources Director, the Director of US Inventory Management (IM) and a local St. Louis HR Manager are engaged in an ongoing civil conspiracy against me in which they are depriving me my right to free trade in my profession, denying my right to possess my personal property, interfering with any opportunity I have to gain employment and continue to defame me through use of false light, libel and slander. The Director of US IM sent me a letter in which she stated that I caused the IM department to become "unable to function" and that I "insisted on recording every interaction" with my coworkers and managers. First, Elsevier is a $22 billion company and I did not cause the IM department to be "unable to function" at any time. Second, I did not record every interaction with my cowrkers and managers. I did record when I reported violations of company policy and/or law as well as specific instances of harassment and hostility being directed at me but that was not ongoing for the duration of my career with Elsevier. I had earned multiple promotions and awards in a short time. It was only when I reported harassment that I made any recording. Unfortunately even with recorded evidence of harassment there is nothing a victim can do when the DIrector of Human Resources joins in the harassment, threats and hostility. Elsevier lies. They claim they are "committed to retaining" but then pull "employment at-will" out after you accept the offer and have already turned down other offers. Elsevier is not even committed to free speech. My friend and former (first) supervisor at ElsevierNoneMany"

Prometric Admin (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Elsevier would consist of on line data base management; talking students through on line registration; data entry and phones.I learned more about how to handle people in a crisis situation.My manager had no open door policy so sometimes it was very hard to get the answer I needed to complete my task.The hardest part of the job was getting the correct answers needed to do my job properly and with pride.The most enjoyable part of the job was learning how to manage a data base, and I met a few really nice people that I am still in touch with.i could always just throw myself into my work and before i knew it, it was 5:00again, getting answers and direction."

Director Corporate Accounts, Western United States (Current Employee) says

"Elsevier's culture is abysmal. They re-org nearly every year, Sales Leadership doesn't even understand their products. They manage by intimidation and people fear for their jobs annually. They're so much of a matrix environment that it takes way too many cooks in the kitchen to secure a simple approval. Further, they mess with pay and interpret comp plans to their benefit. Just awful.Only pro is working remotelyJust horrific corp culture and leadership"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Leadership is this company's biggest disrupter. Very unhealthy culture running from leadership down. It's a very accusatory environment where strategy calls turn into finger pointing and blame sessions instead of strategizing sessions. No room for growth. No support from HR. On the positive side, I worked with some excellent colleagues, smart and talented people that are leaving by the numbers due to the toxic culture and the short-term mentality of the leadership. I've never worked with so many miserable people in one company, miserable solely bc of the culture.Smart co-workers, Great contentToxic culture, Poor Leadership, poor benefits & weak HR"

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend Reed Elsevier if you're looking to advance your career. Too much whispering and office politics to really make a name for yourself there.Quiet and solitude, if you're looking for that.Bad managers, lack of communication, office politics."

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Poor decision making at executive management level. Inexperienced HR business partner focused on personal growth. Very high job insecurity. Co-workers are good. Work/life balance is average and varies from department to department. Salary and benefit is as per market standard but there is no annual increment."

Copidesque freelancer (Former Employee) says

"A empresa trata pessimamente os seus colaboradores freelancer. Após 15 anos de prestação de serviço, fui tirada do cadastro sem saber a razão.Empresa grande, havia muito serviçoTrata com desprezo os melhores colaboradores"

Timothy Wood says

"I have given 1star because it’s not possible to leave zero. Poor response to phone enquires, zero response to emails. Being told waiting for sign off for my pension pay out. Why do companies like Exxonmobil use this appalling organisation. No real usable complaints procedure, unable to speak to other than call handlers. I appreciate this issues but months to get a simple issue resolved is beyond understanding."

MermaidMama says

"WTW are the consultants for the FCA Pension Plan. I am the alternate payee, and they did not send a letter to me letting me know if the QDRO was approved, my ex-spouse received his, and he told me that FCA approved the QDRO. I called WTW today and the person I spoke with assured me that I would receive the letter via email today, and I still haven’t received anything. That is the second time, one of their staff members have promised to send information via email and I never received anything. It always sounds like they don’t know what they are doing, when I question them on certain areas of the QDRO. This is so frustrating. I don’t understand why FCA isn’t utilizing their own UAW legal services for this anymore. I’m gonna get a attorney to handle the job."

Stephen Smith says

"I have been waiting since 2nd February 2020 for a pension payout. Endless emails (with truly shocking response times blamed on Vivid of course), obfustication, excuses, false claims of missing data, platitudes ad nausea, urgent assurances - you name it and they've used it and STILL no payment. I'm convinced I'll be dead before any money appears. On top of the above there seems no one you can turn to for redress. Truly awful company and truly awful service. Why GSK chose them to manage our pensions defies all logic given their review status.?"

tom says

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